Division 19

Welcome to my candidate page for Division 19! I am running for the office of Treasurer. APA and the Division both limit the number of words we can have in our candidate statements (which makes sense, who wants to read a dissertation again?). But if you are here, you might be interested in hearing a bit more about my platform. I have included a link to my campaign video here, which has be talking a bit about the key points of my platform. Listen to it – and more importantly, let me know what you think and what questions you have – I am more than happy to add content here throughout the election!

I’ve divided the rest of the pages up as essentially expansions on my division statement. You can check out my about page to learn a bit more about who I am – check out my CV or my faculty page. Or if you want to know a bit more about who I am as a person (or at least how I think) – check out my blogs on learning (it was for a class in Health Professions Ed) or follow me on Twitter (@DrLandoll). Oh, and in case you are wondering, the Latin at the top of the page – Ad Altiora Tendo, roughly translates to “I am striving for higher things” – I have it inscribed on my first tattoo (I’ll spare you pictures, but ask if you ever want to see it – I had a great time getting it on my upper shoulder and am currently trying to decide what to do for my next tattoo!) It’s a motto I live my life by – always striving, kind of like my blog entry on Lev Vyotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development (yes, I am a development psych nerd at heart!). But it is also a promise I would make to you if elected Treasurer for the Division.

If you want to read more about my work for the Division thus far, check out my experience page.

If you want to hear about my three themes: fiscal transparency, fiscal creativity, and fiscal responsibility, those pages go in a lot more detail.

Finally, regardless of who you ultimately vote for, I hope you will vote. Our organization supports the warfighter and one of the most important things our Soldiers, Sailors, Airman, and Marines fight for is our individual freedoms like voting. Now granted, our Society elections may not hold the magnitude of our national elections, but the principle of exercising your rights as a member of this organization is the same. I hope you will join me in that – as we strive to make this Society even better every day.

Thanks for stopping by!